what kind of tea does mcdonald's use

What Kind of Tea Does McDonald’s Use?

what kind of tea does mcdonald's use

The fall season is coming soon. It’s getting colder. Coming back from vacation, you might be pretty busy. A sip of refreshing, aromatic tea is always beneficial. Find a moment to take a break and relax. Enjoy your favorite beverage that is healthy and delicious. What kind of tea does McDonald’s Use? The menu of the famous restaurant chain is incredibly wide. Several types of tea are always on the list. It includes sweet and unsweetened, hot, and ice-cold beverages. Soft drinks are also available. Choose any size and blend you like. Why don’t you realize its composition and health benefits? I hope it helps you to make a good choice and feel great.

Is Drinking Unsweet Tea the Same as Drinking Water?

Any season, any time of day, you need refreshment. In summer, your body requires hydration. Have you already had your vacation? I hope, it was insightful and fascinating. In scorching hot weather, your water intake is higher. Intense physical activity and a hot environment raise a thirst.

Cold beverages like tea are a good choice too. Unsweet tea vs soda is much healthier. It quenches your thirst and counts as water. The natural product is:

  • refreshing;
  • tasty and flavorful;
  • low-calories;
  • encouraging.

The beverage itself is beneficial. Are you sunbathing or hiking all day long? Direct sunlight might exhaust you. Iced tea keeps you hydrated. Above all, it boosts your energy and metabolism, promoting weight loss. Besides, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

Additionally, it has essential vitamins and minerals, complementing your nutrition. Therefore, during an exhausting trip, it induces relaxation. Regular intake of tea may also reduce joint or knee pain. But the type and quality of your favorite beverage matters.

is unsweet tea same as water

Does Mcdonald’s Serve Hot Tea?

During your long road trip, you may stop and have a snack. What about McDonald’s? The famous fast-food restaurant chain is successful and popular. It includes more than 37 thousand outlets worldwide. Meanwhile, the company operates internationally, in over 119 countries.

So, wherever you are, you easily find your local or the nearest location. Will you choose a drive-through or a walk-in option? If you are going to have a cup of flavorful, hot tea, the answer seems to be evident. Sitting around a table cozily, you can relax.

What about the beverage you get? McDonald’s serves several blends of tea, including:

  1. Orange Pekoe.
  2. Peppermint.
  3. Earl Grey.
  4. Green.

In other countries, the basic menu may differ. Thus, in Germany, McDonald’s outlets serve beer. In Asian countries, both herbal and traditional varieties of tea are available. In Hong Kong, you can get your hot tea with lemon. Multiple international outlets serve it brewed, with hot water. In the USA, cold beverages prevail.

What Is McDonald’s Tea Made Of?

McDonald’s is a fast-growing, successful company. Originally founded in California, it developed to be a global fast-food supplier. International expansion is challenging. So, McDonald’s outlets are flexible in their menu. They make changes according to the tastes of society.

Tea cultures differ. British people commonly have tea with milk. In Japan and other Asian countries, green and herbal tea varieties are popular. Turkey has the highest beverage consumption per capita. Hospitable residents serve it hot and strong, in small, tulip-shaped glasses.

Do you prefer brewing and enjoying the beverage at home? Hot green tea vs cold green tea is more flavorful and soothing. Have it when it gets colder to:

  • lose weight;
  • improve your performance in the morning;
  • relax and relieve stress at night;
  • boost your digestive and immune systems.

In the USA, the beverage is popular. According to the survey, black tea varieties are preferable. But Americans commonly serve it cold, in large glasses with ice cubes. The local McDonald’s drink menu reflects it.

does mcdonalds have hot tea

Is McDonald’s Tea Healthy?

Hot tea is available in various countries, including Canada. Ordering the premium beverage in McDonald’s, you get it hot. What about the USA? I guess, the restaurant chain serves it nationwide. In fall, when it gets colder, hot tea becomes popular. Since 2013, it’s been available in paper cups.

This packaging option is recyclable and eco-friendly. It’s thick, double-wall, protecting your fingers from burns. After the well-known case, all cups still come with special caution signs. In late summer or early fall, you would rather order cold, iced tea.

Sweet or unsweetened, it includes an Orange Pekoe black blend. This orange-flavored tea variety stands out by:

  • long, thin leaves;
  • golden beverage color;
  • rich, malty taste;
  • the highest quality and perfect condition.

Quite naturally, it’s not a herbal variety. The tea comes from Western and South Asia. The term is an indicator of quality. It means the blend includes young leaves and leaf buds. So the beverage itself is healthy. Sweetening is doubtful.

Does McDonald’s Unsweet Tea Have Caffeine?

Orange Pekoe is a perfect tea grade. It’s highly popular all around the world. As well as other black tea varieties, it consists of Camellia sinensis plant leaves. So, it’s rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids. Its unique organoleptic properties are up to you. It’s a matter of taste.

As any black tea, Orange Pekoe has relevant properties, such as:

  • anti-microbial;
  • digestive;
  • cold-fighting;
  • anti-inflammatory.

In the morning, it improves your alertness and cognition. When you are tired, it reduces fatigue. In some cases, it reduces the risk of various diseases. Cancer, diabetes, and heart stroke are on the list. Recent research proves it.

Quite naturally, side effects are also available. Drinking more than 5-6 medium cups of tea per day might be harmful. According to Mayo Clinic, it would cause or increase anxiety, headache, and insomnia. Being low in calories, unsweet tea from McDonald’s is beneficial. But it still includes some caffeine. So, you should consume it in moderation.

does mcdonalds unsweetened tea have caffeine

What Kind of Sugar Does McDonald’s Use in Their Sweet Tea?

The cup sizes and their quantity matter. Thus, a large one contains 132 mg. of caffeine. Both sweet and unsweetened teas in McDonald’s have the same composition. Brew it fresh, letting the beverage cool down. Then add some ice cubes and enjoy the taste.

Orange Pekoe tea blend is perfect. The caffeine content in your glass or cup is essential. I guess the same 132 mg should be available. A safe dose for a healthy adult person makes 300-400 mg/day. Sugar is another thing. McDonald’s sweet tea contains 60-160 calories: it depends on the cup size.

24-56 g. of sugar is inside your beverage. Is it true? Actually, McDonald’s uses invert sugar. It seems to be a syrup, containing fructose and glucose. So, it’s more:

  • flavorful;
  • visually appealing;
  • soluble in water.

Having a soft, smooth texture, invert sugar is popular nowadays. You would find it in pastries, yogurt, and candies. But flavorful and viscous, it’s not healthier than table sugar. A teaspoon of sweetener contains about 16 calories. Our customary refined sugar delivers about 15 cal.

Bottom Line

Do you like tea? In hot summer weather, you may have it cold. The iced, refreshing beverage is healthy. The time-proven benefits of tea are obvious. During a trip and at home, it soothes and encourages you. It improves your alertness and performance. Why don’t you get tea at McDonald’s? Your local or the nearest outlet brews and serves it properly. But consume the beverage in moderation. Don’t exceed the limit of sugar and caffeine. 5-6 cups of tea per day benefit but without any harm. So, enjoy the flavorful beverage and keep well.

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