unsweet tea vs soda

Unsweet Tea vs Soda: Which is Better for You?

unsweet tea vs soda

Hydration is a basic need of every person. In summer or winter, indoors or outdoors, it’s necessary to survive. Plain water is a perfect option. What about caffeinated drinks? They may contribute to your common daily intake. Have you ever tried to compare unsweet tea vs soda? Caring about your health, consider calories, amount of caffeine and benefits. Do you like sugary drinks? They may taste good, making you feel less thirsty or hungry. But these beverages are not too nutritious. They contain some vitamins, minerals and calories. Should you drink your favorite beverages? Let’s discuss the basic benefits and dangers of these common practices.

Types and Uses of Unsweetened Tea

Do you like consuming hot tea in cold weather? When it’s chilly or snowy outdoors, it comforts and warms you up. This aromatic beverage is natural and healthy. Coming from China and East Asia, it served humans for millennia. Black and green, white and oolong tea base on plant leaves or buds.

All of them come from the same tea plant, Camellia sinensis. The main difference is in the production technology. The oxidation (fermentation) process increases the level of caffeine. Do you think the beverage doesn’t suit summer and outdoor use? While traveling or doing sports, you need refreshment.

So, you can refrigerate the beverage or buy a bottled option. Is unsweet tea unhealthy? Actually, iced tea is a regular traditional drink on ice. Black or green, with herbal additions or without them, these beverages are natural. They contain useful elements, such as:

  • antioxidants;
  • flavonoids;
  • vitamins;
  • oxiaromatic acids;
  • minerals and enzymes.

Despite the mild content of caffeine, the beverage provides an energy boost. It stimulates your cognitive function and nervous system.

types and uses of unsweetened tea

Is Sweet Tea Healthier Than Soda?

In summer, you badly need hydration. It’s essential outdoors, while you are traveling or hiking. Intense workouts could also make you feel tired or thirsty. Which beverage do you prefer to satisfy this need? Drinking plain clean water may seem to be too simple. Meanwhile, it’s an essential, healthy option.

Both plain and sparkling water contains no calories and no sugar. It won’t make you gain weight. So, you are to consume not less than 8 glasses of water every day. What about sugary drinks? I am sure, you do consume a lot of them. According to USDA, every second adult American person does it every day.

Teens and adolescents are used to having 3 drinks or more. Does tea have more sugar than soda? Several hydrating beverages include it, such as:

  • milk;
  • orange juice;
  • lemonade;
  • fruit punch;
  • tonic;
  • sports drinks.

Sweat tea is on the list. It commonly contains less sugar and calories than soda: it depends on the recipe and product. But it’s beneficial in terms of vitamins and healthy nutrients.

Is Soda or Sweet Tea Better for You?

You may prefer any hydration beverage: it depends on your taste and preferences. Milk contains fat and protein. As well as fruit juice, it’s nutritious. Containing a variety of vitamins and essential minerals, like calcium, it’s healthy. Naturally occurring sugar that is lactose or glucose is not harmful.

Are you still used to drink soda every day? You may do it to hydrate yourself. Consuming tasty drinks just for fun or to increase your concentration is opportune. You may enjoy soda due to its impressive:

  • nutritious value;
  • hydration power;
  • digestive benefits;
  • energy-boosting effects.

High potassium content matters. Sodium and calcium might be also available. What has more caffeine tea or soda? Mayo Clinic professionals have calculated it for you. Quite naturally, proper coffee or tea is healthier than sweetened or energy drinks.

What about soda? Containing no vitamins, it doesn’t treat or prevent any diseases. Is it as harmful as the other sugary drinks? It depends on the product, its type and composition. Containing up to 39 grams of sugar/12-oz can, popular beverages are damaging. They may cause weight gain, destroying your teeth.

is soda or sweet tea better for you

Is Unsweet Tea Better Than Soda?

Added sugar or sweeteners don’t benefit your health. Its common amount in soda beverages exceeds 80% of your daily intake. In a can of drink, there are about 10 teaspoons of soluble carbonates. Sweet tea is no better. It contains about 8 grams of sugar/100 g. of drink. That is up to 27 g/can. So, you shouldn’t consume your favorite beverage every day.

Prefer healthier, sugar-free options to prevent common health risks. Uncontrolled sugar intake may lead to obesity, heart troubles, diabetes and even cancer. What about the diet soda? It may seem to be a godsend. This tasty alternative to your favorite beverage, being:

  • low in sugar and calories;
  • sweet and tasty;
  • caffeinated and energizing.

Diet soda may contain even more caffeine than regular beverages. Based on artificial sweeteners like aspartame, it’s still not healthy. Unsweet tea vs diet soda is natural. It contains up to 5 calories per cup or bottle. No fat or sugar is available. So, it may promote weight loss, boosting your metabolism and immune system.

Bottom Line

Sugary drinks have become very popular. Many people, adults and young drink them by the bucket every day. Soda and other sweetened beverages are tasty but not healthy. Why don’t you prefer iced tea? Natural and unsweetened, it’s a different animal. This perfect beverage refreshes you during hot summer days. It cools you down and energizes you. Longtime health benefits like immune system and brain activity stimulation are priceless. So, make your choice, choose healthy products and consume them in moderation. It lets you feel well and perform at your best.

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