hot green tea vs cold green tea

Hot Green Tea vs Cold Green Tea

hot green tea vs cold green tea

How do you feel in summer? Even staying indoors, you would feel this scorching effect. When the heat gets intense, you sweat hard. Hydration is necessary anytime. In summer, when you are thirsty, it’s essential. A healthy beverage supports your body. Let’s compare hot tea vs cold green tea. What is the difference? It seems that the plant and composition are the same. Useful substances like antioxidants and caffeine make you feel more alert and energetic. But the brew, aroma and health effects are distinct. Not only the temperature matter. Which beverage is more refreshing? Which one meets your fluid requirements to the best advantage? Let’s delve into details to discover the truth.

Benefits of Green Tea

Is it already hot in your city? Summer days might be hot and exhausting. Whenever you stay at home, go out or travel, you may feel tired. Hydration is essential in summer. It’s especially important if you go in for sports or do exercises. High humidity doesn’t improve the situation. It impairs sweating, making you feel sluggish or oppressive.

Drinking healthy beverages is life-saving. They help us replenish fluids and vitamins. Green tea is one of the healthiest solutions. What happens if I drink green tea every day? The natural drink is safe and beneficial for everyone. It acts as:

  • an antioxidant;
  • fat burner;
  • efficient nutrient source;
  • metabolism booster;
  • natural probiotic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Your favorite beverage benefits your skin, brain and blood vessels. Are you going to sunbathe this summer? Have a sip or cup of green tea before you set off. It protects your sensitive skin, inhibiting UV damage. Regular consumption of the beverage prevents premature skin aging, redness and even cancer.

benefits of green tea

Can You Drink Green Tea on an Empty Stomach?

If you spend a great deal of your time indoors, it’s a common situation. Not only the current stay-at-home order could impact your lifestyle. Being a full-time mother or a remote worker is not easy. You are to avoid distractions, feeling energized and vigorous.

Is it better to drink green tea in the morning or at night? Motivate and encourage yourself to be caring or productive. Will you use any stimulant to cheer up? No way. Natural beverage such as green tea does the job. It improves your mood and attention. Boosting brain function and memory, it streamlines the learning process.

The reason is in the useful substances inside. The popular beverage commonly contains:

  • caffeine;
  • flavonoids;
  • antioxidants like catechins;
  • vitamins C, B, E, K as well as various minerals.

Amino-acid L-theanine is a beneficial green tea constituent. It reduces stress, improves your mood and prevents depression. But you still should drink your favorite beverage between meals. Consume it after breakfast or after lunch to the best advantage.

Is Cold Green Tea as Good as Hot Green Tea?

You can drink green tea in the morning or afternoon. Do it after dinner, as it improves digestion, increasing satiety. The beverage boosts metabolism, converting food into useful energy. Being sugar-free, the drink benefit people that suffer from diabetes. It prevents obesity, improving insulin sensitivity.

The Japanese scientists recommend their patients drink the beverage in abundance. You are to have not less than 6 cups of green tea every day. Brewing recipes and uses are completely different. Is it better to drink green tea hot or cold for weight loss? No doubt, a hot beverage is better in terms of:

  • taste;
  • flavor and aroma;
  • absorption and digestive process;
  • stress reduction and better sleep.

Triggering sweating, it expedites detoxification. Iced green tea vs hot green tea is more soothing and refreshing. In summer, it feels like a godsend! Cold green tea cools you down, preventing a heat stroke. It increases your energy level. Additionally, it helps to lower blood pressure, constricting blood vessels.

is cold green tea still good for you

Can We Drink Green Tea with Normal Water?

On an empty stomach, it might be harmful. It would stimulate acid production. Tannins or polyphenols cause acidity. If you consume nutritious food at once after green tea, it might be not too healthy. Side effects like stomach irritation, dizziness or discomfort are possible.

Thus, drinking lukewarm water after hot green tea is not practical. If you need to cool down, an iced beverage does the job. It has a clean, fresh taste and smooth flavor. Cold green tea is not as strong as a hot beverage, but it has better antioxidant properties.

Do you want to enjoy refreshing green tea every day? You are to brew it properly. Thus, you are to:

  1. Get 1-2 spoons of loose-leaf green tea.
  2. Steep it in cold or lukewarm water.
  3. Cover your teapot with a lid.
  4. Leave for 3-5 hours.

You can put your pitcher or a teapot in a fridge. Serving with ice or without it is possible. It might seem to be a bit long method, but it’s simple, easy and healthy.

Bottom Line

Every day and night, you need hydration. In summer, it’s especially important. Why don’t you drink green tea every day? This popular beverage is healthy and natural. Hot brew implies temperatures of about 150-180 degrees Fahrenheit. 3-5 minutes of infusion are enough. Your favorite beverage should not be bitter. Don’t steep it too long. Thus, drink it at once, while it’s strong and flavorful. Is cold green tea still good for you? In summer, it’s refreshing. The healthy drink revives you, cooling you down. It’s tasty and flavorful. So, don’t forget to filter your water. Brew your favorite beverage every day, enjoy its rich aroma and keep well.

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