how many calories in a green tea frappuccino

How Many Calories Are in a Green Tea Frappuccino?

how many calories in a green tea frappuccino

Summer heat may become exhausting. Is it still hot in your region? In September, the temperatures reach the high 80s. In the southern states, like Florida, Texas, or California, fall chillness is a while away. So, you need a cup of refreshing beverage. Do you wonder how many calories in a green tea Frappuccino are available? It’s a perfect beverage, delicious and healthy. In the morning, it gives you a boost of energy. Going to a school, office or having a long hiking trip, enjoy a cup of tea. The nutritious, slushy drink helps you to survive any hard day. Does it let you lose weight? It commonly depends on the recipe. So, let’s delve into details.

Is the Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino Good?

In summer, you should taste this refreshing drink. There are many reasons to love the beverage. It’s delicious, standing out by a special mild and aromatic. You might like its creamy texture or its ice-cold, refreshing feel. The beverage is energy-boosting and natural.

Its primary ingredient, Matcha, comes from Japan. It offers a lot of health benefits. The powder is incredibly rich in amino-acids and antioxidants. Vitamins and minerals are a matter of course. So, routine intake of the drink is efficient to:

  • be in good mood;
  • reduce stress;
  • lower inflammation;
  • improve cognition;
  • fight infections.

According to the research, Matcha tea boosts your immune system. It protects your body against viruses and pathogens. The beverage can prevent serious diseases, like cancer or diabetes. Are you a young, healthy person? Matcha helps you to keep your teeth healthy and fresh. Being rich in vitamin A, the drink improves your sight, making your eyes brighter.

is matcha green tea frappuccino healthy

How Many Calories Do You Find in a Green Tea Frappuccino with Coconut Milk?

Going to lose weight, rely on your diet and exercise. The estimations vary, depending on your health condition, weight and age. Activity level and lifestyle also matter. 2,000-calorie daily diet is a piece of general nutrition advice. Thus, even the lightest, unsweetened beverage is high-calories.

It’s not sugar-free. A large (grange or tall) glass of the drink contains not less than 48 grams of carbohydrates. 210 calories or up to 9% of your daily diet seem to be a bare minimum. Frappuccino is a brand of drinks that belongs to Starbucks Corporation.

Commonly, it includes whipped cream topping and ice. Do you prefer a whole-milk option? It’s delicious, creamy, but not low-calories. Quite naturally, dairy-free alternatives are available. Your delicious, creamy beverage may contain:

  • soy;
  • almond;
  • coconut;
  • oat milk.

Making the beverage at home, you can add less popular ingredients, like rice or macadamia milk. It adds a mild, nutty flavor to your refreshing drink.

Which is Better Green Tea or Matcha?

The beverages have much in common. They come from the same plant, offering you multiple wellness benefits. Both drinks are healthy and safe, being natural and refreshing. Both of them have grassy, vegetal flavors. Meanwhile, there are some differences in:

  • cultivation;
  • aroma;
  • preparation;
  • therapeutic effects.

Matcha is a powder made of traditional green tea leaves. It doesn’t require brewing. You can easily blend it with cold water or milk and enjoy the drink. Hot green tea vs cold green tea is a bit more aromatic and efficient. Your body absorbs it fast, increasing metabolism.

But hot liquid engulfs the essence of tea. It removes some nutrients from the leaves. Unfortunately, you would discard most of them with the leftovers. Matcha lets you ingest the whole tea leaves with powder. Therefore, it has a higher concentration of therapeutic compounds.

Matcha tea is rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, and vitamins. Additionally, the beverage is rich in color, nutrients and flavor. It stands out by vibrant green color and a slightly bitter, vegetal taste. Green tea, hot or cold, has a pleasant, light, and delicate aroma.

Is it Safe to Drink Matcha Everyday?

As well as your favorite green tea, Matcha comes from ancient China. It dates back to Tang Dynasty and the 8th century. It was a highlight of traditional medicine and formal tea ceremony. Some centuries later, Matcha became widespread in Japan. Zen Buddhist monks started using it for meditation purposes.

which is better green tea or matcha tea

They revealed the memory-boosting and therapeutic properties of the beverage. It helped them to stay awake, improving clarity and focus. Since ancient times, Matcha tea has supported activities that required concentration. Meanwhile, the beverage is rich in caffeine. Therefore, it gives you a quick hit of energy.

What kind of tea does McDonald’s use? Black, Orange Pekoe varieties are the most popular. Quite naturally, the concentration, strength and temperature of your tea matter. Let’s make a short comparison. Thus, an 8-oz cup of the drink contain various amounts of the stimulant:

  • Matcha tea – 70 mg;
  • coffee – 90 mg;
  • green tea – 28 mg;
  • black tea – 47 mg.

Assuming, you add 1 teaspoon of the powder to your cup of Matcha tea, it’s safe. An adult person can have up to 5-6 cups of the beverage without any harm.

Is Matcha Good for Weight Loss?

The flavorful tea seems to be safe and healthy. Its natural compound has calming, relaxing and detoxing effects. The drink improves your digestion, boosting metabolism. It increases efficient fat burning by about 17%. Cultivation and preparation methods of the drink are special. They involve:

  • keeping the plants in shade;
  • using the leaves with veins and stems;
  • steaming them at once after harvesting;
  • grounding the tea leaves into soft, nutrient-rich powder.

Since the procession method invention in 1835, it bases on the Tencha tea plant variety. Shading maximizes its health benefits. How many calories are in a light green tea Frappuccino without whip? It may contain virtually no fat that is 0 g. If you don’t like milk, you can skim it. Absence of whipped cream is beneficial.

Meanwhile, side effects are still possible. Don’t overconsume the beverage. Daily intake of caffeine shouldn’t exceed 400 mg. including all caffeinated drinks. Otherwise, it may trigger headaches, insomnia or irritability.

is matcha good for you

Bottom Line

Any day, any season, have a cup of healthy, refreshing beverage. Get it at your local Starbucks outlet or make it at home. It’s delicious and nutrient-rich, giving you a boost of energy and a good mood. How many calories are in a green tea Frappuccino with almond milk? Enjoy it even if you keep on a diet, going to lose weight. The amount is not high. A 12-oz cup contains only about 200 calories. You easily burn them, having a long walk. The beverage itself is unique. It offers you a lot of health benefits and an inimitable vegetal taste. Having one or two glasses of green tea Frappuccino per day is completely safe. So, enjoy your favorite drink regularly or occasionally. Appreciate its delicious flavor and keep fit.

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