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Hi, my name is Payton and I really love tea! In different variations!

In this blog, I have described the benefits of different teas. I discuss their intricacies like process, compatibility, tastes, and more. I just want to understand the intricacies of making tea. Many people like a hot drink, but there are also those who prefer a cold one. Different types of teas have different benefits, such as being able to control weight or simply enjoying a drink.
In my blog, I talk about teas and the various intricacies of preparation and consumption. Difference between varieties such as black tea, oolong tea and green tea. How beneficial are certain teas? Schedule or daily ritual for regular consumption?
I hope these moments helped to understand the intricacies of making tea for yourself or your guests and plan your next adventure in the exciting world of tea! These are just some of the main key points that will help you more easily decide what to buy in the future.